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How many square feet is a tennis court?

How many square feet is a tennis court? If you’re new to tennis then it’s worth taking some time to understanding the dimensions and layout of a tennis court. I’m a firm believer that this type of knowledge helps instill [...]


Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

Our outdoor basketball court LED illumination appropriates for residential, industrial or specialist applications. High mast LED flooding lights are applied to exterior basketball court, such as yard, secondary school, university, & public park. In 2018, we develop the innovative LED [...]


Exactly how big is a tennis court

Exactly how large is a tennis court? What are its measurements? Let's have a look. The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has actually framed the laws in its handbook called "Rules of Tennis". It covers the dimensions of the tennis courts, the [...]


Sports Light, Another LED Niche Market ?

The use of LED (light emitting diodes) is at its all-time peak in every possible sphere you can think of. LED lights are used in commercial businesses, in city street lights, in hospitals, homes, name it. With LED lights it’s not [...]


Is Meanwell Driver the Best Driver ?

Is Meanwell Driver the Best Driver ? I hope you will agree with me when I say, Driver is the most important for the led product, or is it ? Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding the “best” led driver [...]


Top Secret of LED Chip

Ok, let’s go straight to our topic today, top secret of led chip. When you were asking the LED chip for the led outdoor flood lights, led high bay lamp, led panel light or other led products.  Usually, you will get [...]


160lm/w LED Low Bay Lighting

What is the most popular led high bay lights in the market in 2017? Maybe you will agree with me if I vote led low bay lighting, right ? If you want to learn how to select a good high bay, [...]


LED Sports Lighting

When we talked about the led sports lighting for tennis court lighting, football field lights or basketball lights, most of us will mention the led flood lights, but do you know which floodlights is suitable for you?    In the market, there are two types of [...]


Tips to choose the best LED flood lights

There are plenty of reasons to invest in LED flood lights, particularly since they are energy efficient and do not have a high negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips on choosing the LED flood light outdoor. Driver- [...]