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Sports Light, Another LED Niche Market ?

The use of LED (light emitting diodes) is at its all-time peak in every possible sphere you can think of. LED lights are used in commercial businesses, in city street lights, in hospitals, homes, name it. With LED lights it’s not just about the warmth and the beautiful colors it provides, it’s also about of its contribution in helping minimize the use of electricity and thus contributing to efforts to save the world as a ‘green energy’. The latest entry in the list of sectors using LED lights is the sports arena where they are quickly gaining popularity as the [...]

Is Meanwell Driver the Best Driver ?

Is Meanwell Driver the Best Driver ? I hope you will agree with me when I say, Driver is the most important for the led product, or is it ? Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding the “best” led driver isn’t an easy job. Everybody should know Meanwell driver , the famous brand from Taiwan. Some of the guys said the quality is not so good as before after they moved the factory to China mainland, but it is still good. But is Meanwell driver the best driver in led market ? My answer is yes and no. Ok, [...]

Top Secret of LED Chip

Ok, let’s go straight to our topic today, top secret of led chip. When you were asking the LED chip for the led outdoor flood lights, led high bay lamp, led panel light or other led products.  Usually, you will get the follow answer, Epistar chip, this is the most common answer you get from the salesmen Cree, Citizen, Nichia Philips Chip Bridgelux chip San’an Chip We will analyze them one by one, so that you can understand the secret of led chip. Epistar chip If the manufacture told you that the chip is from Epistar. Possibly, he was lying [...]

160lm/w LED Low Bay Lighting

What is the most popular led high bay lights in the market in 2017? Maybe you will agree with me if I vote led low bay lighting, right ? If you want to learn how to select a good high bay, you can refer to our another article ,  “Teaching you how to select China led high bay light “ LED low bay lighting, it has another name because its unique appearance, UFO led high bay lights. There are many types led low bay depending on their different heat dissipation structure. And the wattage will start to 60W to 300W. [...]

LED Sports Lighting

When we talked about the led sports lighting for tennis court lighting, football field lights or basketball lights, most of us will mention the led flood lights, but do you know which floodlights is suitable for you?    In the market, there are two types of beam angle for the led floodlights, symmetrical ( 120°,90°,60°) and asymmetrical ( 80*150°, 15*60°and 45*45°,etc).    When you installed the symmetrical flood lights, you need to install it like following picture, and the lights will go to different direction, and if you are watching the game at the site which installed such led floodlights, your eyes will feel un-comfortable, because parts [...]

Teaching You How to Select China LED High Bay Light

Teaching You How to Select China LED High Bay Light LED high bay light are widely used in the warehouse now, more and more people like to replace their metal halogen lamp. In the current led market, there are many many types of led high bay light, traditional led high bay light (with reflector), LED low bay lighting ( another common name is UFO led high bay light because its shape looks like UFO), linear led high bay light. When you searching led high bay light on google, you will find the following, Many of [...]

Tips to choose the best LED flood lights

There are plenty of reasons to invest in LED flood lights, particularly since they are energy efficient and do not have a high negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips on choosing the LED flood light outdoor. Driver- There are many brand of drivers, Meanwell, Philips, Tridonic, Lifund, Songsheng, Kaisheng, etc. Among these brands, the most common for the wattage more than 100W is Meanwell, because it will have a more stable quality for the high wattage. So, usually, when a client is searching the floodlights, they will choose the driver as follows, >100watt led [...]