When we talked about the led sports lighting for tennis court lighting, football field lights or basketball lights, most of us will mention the led flood lights, but do you know which floodlights is suitable for you? 


In the market, there are two types of beam angle for the led floodlights, symmetrical ( 120°,90°,60°) and asymmetrical ( 80*150°, 15*60°and 45*45°,etc). 


When you installed the symmetrical flood lights, you need to install it like following picture, and the lights will go to different direction, and if you are watching the game at the site which installed such led floodlights, your eyes will feel un-comfortable, because parts of the light will come to your eyes directly. 

led sports lighting

But if you are using the asymmetrical led flood lights, you can install it as following picture,all the lights will go to floor, and the right place. Letting the player have enough lights for gaming. What’s more, it minimizes the lighting pollution, friendly to the neighbor. And the audience can enjoy the game very comfortable. 

tennis court lighting

So, why we don’t use the asymmetric led flood lights, and let the people enjoy their match ? 


MFG LED Lighting Co., Ltd. released their tennis court lighting this year, which has a professional beam angle, forwards and back, 15*60°, sideways 45*45 ° . The detail parameter as follows, 


Wattage: 100W, 120W, 150W, 170W and 220W. (400W and 600W will come soon)


Light efficiency: 135lm/w 


Beam angle: forwards and back, 15*60°, sideways 45*45 ° 


Driver: Meanwell or Songsheng  for better price 


SMD: Philips 3030 SMD


CRI : 80 Ra 


IP65 waterproof 


Die-casting aluminum housing 


5 years warranty  


Application: Tennis court lighting, football pitch lighting, basketball court lighting, etc. 


And there is no interruption with the TV if you use them at the broadcast site.  


If you would like to learn more about this product, you can visit www.ledlightingmfg.com or contact [email protected]