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800w football stadium lights, it can replace 2000W metal halide light, it is one of the feature products of MFG, it features with high light efficiency, up to 150lm/w. It is widely used football pitch, stadium, tennis court , basket ball court and other sport field.

800W LED Lighting Can replace 2000W metal halide light
Items No.MF-FL-800W
Material 1070 Aluminum heat sink, better heat dissipation
LED EMC 5050
lm/w 150lm/w
Beam Angle 10° & 45° & 60° & 90° & 55°*140
Work VoltageAC100-240V 50/60Hz
CRI 80
CCT3000, 4000K, 6000K
CertificateCE+ RoHS
Lifetime50,000 Hours
IP Rating IP65
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800w sports light
800w football lights
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sports light
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Football field lighting is divided into indoor soccer field lighting and outdoor soccer field lighting. Different lighting installation in different places. Lighting standard according to the football field to use a function to determine the standard of illumination.

I.Lighting standard

  1. The way of lighting:

The quality of football field lighting depends on illumination level, illumination uniformity and glare control degree.

For athletes, the lux request level of lighting is relatively low, and the audience’s purpose is to watch the game, lighting requirements are increased with the increase of viewing distance.

The degree of glare depends on the density, direction of projection, number of lamps, position of viewing in the competition, ambient brightness and so on.

In fact, the number of lamps is related to the number of spectators. Relatively speaking, the training ground only needs to follow simple lighting fixtures, and large stadiums need to install more lamps, by controlling the beam to achieve high illumination, low glare purposes.

III. Installation, operation and maintenance

  1. installation and operation

When an adjustable floodlight has been installed, the projection position of the lamp should be marked so that the lamp can be easily restored to its original position for future maintenance or repair.

Lighthouses and their foundations conform to relevant local laws and regulations, and no one without authoritative approval can do such work. Ensure that lighting is maintained without danger.

  1. Maintenance

Lighting devices should be cleaned regularly. If the lamps stop working or their functions drop significantly, they should be replaced separately to ensure that the illumination meets the relevant requirements.

IV, commonly used tools

MFG lighting for outdoor football stadium of TV relay level is recommended for outdoor pitch lighting. This kind of luminaire has compact and beautiful appearance, small wind resistance coefficient and light weight.

The unique design of light distribution curve; speed of light precision, a variety of light distribution, instant start.

Outdoor soccer field needs LED flood lights which can withstand a variety of weather conditions, including strong winds, rain, cold.

LED lights also need to be implemented from the surface of the actual bulb area long distances. LED lighting the football filed precise, consistent and effective to avoid light pollution with LED lights can provide to your football field sharp and clear.

MFG LED lighting can also provide a consistent light level across the ball field, ensuring that the ball, line and player are clearly visible to the football match venue due to its daylight color temperature.

sports light
800w sports light
800w sports light
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MFG is a company with 10+years experience in led filed, and we provide 5 years warranty for all our products.