Project Description

Model No.MF-INB-G02-50W
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Power50W
Solar Panel Power18V 80W
Battery Capacity373 WH
Charge Time6-8H
Discharge Time>36H
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +60°C
Switch Threshold15 LUX
Max Sensing Distance12m
LED Parameters
LED Beads60 units(SMD-3535 LED)
Lumen Flux (LM)6500-7500LM
Luminous Efficiency (LM/W)130-150 LM/W
Light DistributionBatwing Type
Color Temperature (CCT)3000-6500K
Mechanical Specification
Light Body Size640x260x250 MM
Solar Panel Size780*513*30MM
Installation Height6-8M
Pole Install Distance20-25M
Packing Dimension
Carton Size(Lamp)690x330x320MM
Carton Size(Solar Panel)800x720x75MM
Gross Weight(Wind Turbine)20 KG

solar street light

Based on the stable electronical circuit of traditional integrated solar street light and semi-integratedsolar street light, the Solar Light is upgrated and developed by our senior ID, Mechnical, Softwareand Hardware engineers. Bidirectional rotatable solar panel, light without mechnical switch, mobileAPP bluetooth remote control and convenient installation can meet the philosophy of PV industryperfectly — Safety, Eco-friendly and Intelligent Application.

1. Solar Powered Street Lights Product introduction:

As a outdoor lighting fixture, the Solar Light is powered by solar energy and designed to offer outstanding quality by uilizing A-class LED beads, integrated optical LED lens, high efficiency mono solar panel, powerful lithium battery, self-developed developed MPPT controller and patent bluetooth APP system.

2. Operation principle:

The Solar Light is a revolutionary product by utilizing Photovoltaic effect.

lt is designed to constantly absorb solar energy in daylight and convert to electricity, the inte-lligent controller could precisely control the charge, discharge and well preserve electricity into the lithium battery.

And start to illuminate, which is powered by the lithium battery, once the illuminance of ground reduced to 15 lux in nighttime, or solar panel voltage drop to 5V below.

The intelligent controller not only protects the battery from over-charging, over-discharging, but also can control the light switch-on,the time of switch-on and optimize the brightness effectively according to the real-time environment.

3. Product Features

3.1 Product Structure

The Solar Light with streamlined design is manufactured with an Exclusive Private Mold andmade of Aluminum Die Casting.

1, Solar Panel 2. Microwave/PIR Sensor 3. MPPT Controller 4. L ED Source 5. Lithium Battery6.Horizontal Bracket 7. Vertical Bracket

3.2 Function Characteristic 

3.2.1 Solar panel could be rotated 360″ horizontally and 240 vertically, which will increase the photoeletronical conversion maximum in different areas; customized solar panel is available

3.2.2 The integrated optical lens offers excellent light transmittance and also durable to resist damage

3.2.3 A-class LED bead: The advanced lighting technology brings a higher Luminous Intensity, lower thermal resistance, longer lifespan, and a greater luminary stability

3.2.4 Patent MPPT controller developed by our R&D team, maximum power charging

3.2.5. Powerful lithium battery module package, lower self-discharge rate, longer lifespan, stronger depth of discharging, wider working temperature and environment-protecting

3.3 Microwave / PIR Sensor

Use advanced Microwave/PIR Sensor technology, more sensitive and optimize brightness automatically. Max sensing distance is 12M.

The build-in Microwave/PIR Sensor could automatically regulate brightness by identify moving object around, increase brightness when object approaches and decrease after object leaves about 20-30s (can be customized). This fluctuation of lighting intensity could preserves solar energy effectively.

3.4 Mobile App 

The Mobile App in smartphone could be used to easily monitor and remotely control the light via the Bluetooth connection

4. Application of solar powered street lights

5. Installation Manual 

5.1 Installation Diagram 

5.2 Package Accessory 

5.3 Preparation before Installation 

5.4 Installation Procedure 

6. General Troubleshooting 


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