Project Description

Based on smart solar street light, the INF series is a new model which can utilize the natural resources – wind energy & solar energy better.

With wind turbine system, this light can be charged daytime and nighttime whenever there is wind, which can widen the applications.

Model No.MF-INF-60W
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Power60W
Solar Panel Power18V 48W
Wind turbine24V300W
Battery Capacity426.2WH
Charge Time6-8H
Discharge Time>36H
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ +60°C
Switch Threshold15 LUX
Max Sensing Distance12m
LED Parameters
LED Beads60units(SMD-3535 LED)
Lumen Flux (LM)7800-9000LM
Luminous Efficiency (LM/W)130-150 LM/W
Light DistributionBatwing Type
Color Temperature (CCT)3000-6500K
Battery Heating Specification
Temperature range0-10°C
Temperature Threshold<0°C or >10°C
Mechanical Specification
Light Body Size1290x340x45 MM
Wind Turbine Sizeφ1140MM
Installation Height7-9M
Pole Install Distance25-30M
Packing Dimension
Carton Size(Lamp)1405x385x245MM
Carton Size(Wind Turbine)585x380x220MM
Gross Weight(Wind Turbine)6.7KG

1. Product overview (Solar wind hybrid street light system

(1) Operation principle

(2) Function introduction

Using the ARM32 MCU as the main control chip, the whole system can achieve the perfect combination of PV generation module, wind turbine module, BESS and LED lighting module, also can be controlled by smarphone APP remotely, to provide a better user experience.

Features as below:

① Wind turbine module

  • Starts non loaded: Minimum speed is 2m/s to start the wind turbine.
  • Electronic braking system: Braking system will turn on automatically when wind speed ≥ 35m/s.
  • Discharging while charging: At night, the wind turbine workes to support the LED lighting and also
  • charge the battery.
  • Read the data: Read the data of wind turbine in real-time by smartphone APP.

② PV generation module

  • Daytime and nighttime will be recognized according to the output voltage of solar panel. When nightfall, the
  • LED lighting operates; when daytime, charge the battery.
  • With MPPT technology, the battery will be charged max by the sunlight.
  • Read the data: Read the data of PV module in real-time by smartphone APP.

③ LED lighting module

  • Utilize ligh effifiency LED, with integrated optical lens.
  • PWM adjustment, constant current output.
  • PIR motion sensor: enter energy-saving mode when nobody to prolong backup days.
  • With RED pathway indicator, for warning effect and decoration at night.
  • (Can ajust the brightness and time of switch-on/off by smartphone APP)

④ Battery energy storage system

The storage of lithium battery pack can be customized:

  • Inside there is a cell bafflfle to protect the battery, NTC temperature sensor and heater band.
  • Real-time detection of the voltage and currency to avoid the overcharging, overdischarging and overcurrent.
  • Real-time detection of battery temperature to start the battery heating when extremely low temperature, and stop heating when up to 10 degrees.

(Also can monitor the battery data by smartphone APP)

Battery heating technolofy under extremely low temperature

In low temperature, especially in winter, the battery will be heated to work normally with the help of smart controller, temperature sensor and heater band.

⑤ Bluetooth communication module

Support troubleshooting, read light data and control the light switch on/off by smartphone bluetooth APP.

2.Structure introduction

(1) Structure and composition

1.Wind turbine 2.Battery storeroom 3.Solar panel 4.Controller 5.Bluetooth module 6.PIR sensor 7.Pathway indicator 8.LED lighting 9.panel 10.Bracket 11.Window plate 12.Back bafflfle 13.Screws 14.Connecting socket 15.Frame 16.Switch

(2) Structure details

  • Three parts mainly included: wind turbine, integrated solar street light, socket connecting the solar light and wind turbine;
  • Integrated solar street light includes solar panel, panel, frame, LED lighting module, rafflfles, controller,
  • PIR sensor, bluetooth module, lithium battery and switch;
  • The integrated solar street light connect with bracket by screws, wind turbine connect with connecting socket by screws, then connect the bracket with connecting socket.

(3) Components


Especially for high latitude area, alpine region and area lack of sunlight but with rich wind energy.

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