Teaching You How to Select China LED High Bay Light

LED high bay light are widely used in the warehouse now, more and more people like to replace their metal halogen lamp.

In the current led market, there are many many types of led high bay light, traditional led high bay light (with reflector), LED low bay lighting ( another common name is UFO led high bay light because its shape looks like UFO), linear led high bay light. When you searching led high bay light on google, you will find the following,

high bay led retrofit

Many of you will start to visit those websites one by one, and email or skype to those China factories.

After that, you will get the price list, the datasheet, the certificate, the IES file, and all the information you need.

But after that, you will find that,

Price : 150W  from 70 USD to 100 USD

Light efficiency:  from 80 lm/w to 150lm/w, and sometimes the price of 80lm/w is even higher than 150lm/w, even the appearance looks the same, and both of them are Meanwell


high bay lamp

I supposed you already feel dizzy about these different information , and don’t know how to make a choice.

In this article, we will teach you how to select a correct led high bay for your company.

Now, let’s start to introduce them one by one.

LED High bay light with reflector
high bay lighting led
high bay fixture

This is the original led high bay light, the same as the mental halogen high bay light. There are two separate parts, the heat dissipation body, the reflector. It has a good heat dissipate because it has enough space inside, and  some manufacture will use the cooper pipe to conduct heat, which let the heat goes through more quickly.

The wattage for this type usually start from 60w to 300W (max), with beam angle 60, 90 and 110 degree.

As to the driver, this is the most important parts for the high bay lighting. Most of the manufacture will use Meanwell HLG series driver for the wattage higher than 100watt, and the China mainland driver for the lower power, such as 60W, 80W, in order to keep the competitive price.

But due to the market competition, more and more clietns required lower price, so, the China factories start to use China mainland brand driver for higher wattage, such as Songsheng, Kaisheng or Lifund. These three brands are the most famous led driver brand for industrial lighting products. And don’t worry their quality, they already keep a stable quality after many years market testing.

Light efficiency

COB type:

80-90lm/w ( note: If a factory told you that their COB high bay light can meet 110lm/w, you need to pay attention on that, it is still very difficult to make that parameter for COB.

SMD Type:

Philips 3030 SMD are the most common used in high bay now. And the efficiency 100-110lm/w still the most popular, and the best price at this stage, but many companies start to meet >130lm/w meet the USA DLC requirement.


  • Has the same design as the metal halogen high bay light.
  • Good head dissipation


  • Not waterproof
  • Shipping freight is too expensive by air, since it is transported by two parts


If you prefer the metal halogen appearance, and would like to have a big space for the head dissipation, this type would be a good choice to you.

High Power LED High Bay Light
led bay lights

If you are looking for a higher wattage for your warehouse, for example, more than 300W, this design would be a good choice. The max wattage for this type can be 800W, and it is fin-fin design, which also has enough space to dissipate the heat quickly.


Usually, most of the manufactures will choose Cree LED as the first option for the high wattage, to ensure the stable quality.


90% manufacture will use Meanwell for the wattage more than 300W.


100-110lm/w, or 130lm/w.

Beam angle

It can provide a smaller beam angle besides the common angle 120, 60 degree.  Such as 25 degree would be available for this design, because it is internal reflector.


  • Have higher wattage
  • IP65 waterproof


  • Price higher
  • Shipping cost is too expensive by air freight


If you are looking for a higher wattage and waterproof high bay for your warehouse, this could be your best option.

LED Low Bay Lighting
low bay lighting

Another name for this type is UFO led high bay light, because it looks like a UFO, isn’t it ?

It started popular in 2015, and the power wattage available is 60W to 240W (max) , depending on its structure.

Comparing with the high bay with reflector, this design can save much shipping freight, and you load more quantity in one container.  (Hope that you will have more and more container order in 2017, hahaha…)


Philips 3030 SMD would be the most common, some of them will use 2835SMD

Light efficiency

The light efficiency for this type usually is 110-130lm/w, and some of the manufactures already up to 150-160lm/w by using the Nichia led + professional lens.


Meanwell HGB driver

Songsheng, Kaisheng ,Lifund driver for better price ( Again, don’t worry about their quality, they are already stable now)

According to our market research, this design has seized lots of the high bay market due to its compact design, high light efficiency, and the competitive price.


  • Compact design, good appearance
  • High light efficiency


  • not found yet


Compact design, competitive price, high light efficiency, these are the tag for the low bay lighting, will UFO will expand its market in 2017? Let’s wait and see

LED Linear High Bay Light
high bay led lighting

It started popular in 2016, now, many China factories introduce this design to their clients. And it seems that the clients from North American will prefer this one more than other regions’ clients.

There are two important features for this design,

  1.  Besides the normal beam angle, it can provide the bat light distribution, or the asymmetric light, like the led street light.
high bay luminaires

2. It can connect one by one , and the connected quantity will depend on the wattage. Usually, the max connected power is 2000W, that is to say, if you are planning to connect the 100W linear light, you can connect not more than 20pcs in parallel.


Philips 3030 SMD, or Cree

Besides, they can use optical lens in order to have the asymmetric angle.


Meanwell HLG, Philips driver (Yes, it is Philips driver )

Also Songsheng, Kaisheng ,Lifund driver for better price

Light efficiency

120-130lm/w would be the most common


  • Have asymmetric beam angle for focus lighting
  • Can connect one by one
  • IP65 waterproof


not found yet.


If you are looking for asymmetric led high bay light for warehouse, this could be your best choice.

Did you already have some ideas on how to select the high bay light after reading?

If you have any questions, you also can contact with MFG marketing team, they will give you a professional answer.

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