There are plenty of reasons to invest in LED flood lights, particularly since they are energy efficient and do not have a high negative impact on the environment. Here are some tips on choosing the LED flood light outdoor.


There are many brand of drivers, Meanwell, Philips, Tridonic, Lifund, Songsheng, Kaisheng, etc.

Among these brands, the most common for the wattage more than 100W is Meanwell, because it will have a more stable quality for the high wattage. So, usually, when a client is searching the floodlights, they will choose the driver as follows,

led flood lights outdoor

>100watt led flood light, Meanwell driver would be priority, but if they would like to have a more competitive price, Lifund, Songsheng and Kaisheng or other China mainland brand is also acceptable. But these three brands has the most stable quality in China brand.

< 100watt led flood light, such as 50w led floodlight, 30w led flood light, most of the China manufactures will use the local brand driver, since the technology for the low wattage driver is already very mature, so, it is not necessary to use Meanwell, in order to have a better price in the market.

LED Component-

The most common LED component used in the floodlight is 3030SMD, no matter is it is from Philips or China local component factory, the quality has a very slight difference. Because the technology is very mature for the component.

Light Efficiency-

If the outdoor flood lights is using 3030 SMD or 2835SMD, the common lm/w is 100-110lm/w, and it has a better price at this stage.

But for some projects, they will have a professional optical requirement, which will have a higher requirement on lm/w, for example, the tennis court, usually, they will require the professional tennis court lighting.

Tips: if one manufacture is providing you a 150lm/w flood lights with local brand 3030SMD now, please be careful of the heat dissipation. Because according the current led technology, it is not easy to meet 150lm/w for 3030SMD, except this factory is  using Nichia 3030 SMD+ professional optical lens.


Most the flood light would be use in outdoor and installed in a high place, so, according to most the clients saying, it is not very importable use CRI 70 or CRI 80. Most of the China factories is providing 80 Ra for their flood light bulbs, because the price gap between 70Ra and 80 Ra is very slim.


Most of the factories is providing 5 years warranty for their floodlights, and some of them provided 2-3 years for 10w led floodlight, because they are using a different driver.


The competition of led flood light is very fiercely in 2016, but in 2017, the price would be a little increased because China government cracked down many small factories who sold very cheap product without any warranty.  But anyways, when you are searching the flood light, just check one by one as above with patience , you will find the suitable product.