Street lights powered by solar as well as wind power are an emerging trends.

Hybrid illumination is an off grid lights option, which does not have any running costs post fitting. The major benefit of wind solar hybrid road lights system is that when solar and wind power productions are utilized with each other, the reliability of the system is improved.

Wind solar hybrid road lights is a smart as well as complete stand-alone LED street illumination system.

Made up of solar modules and also tiny wind turbine, deep cycle batteries, controller and also one or few street lights, this hybrid system collects power from both wind as well as solar in deep cycle batteries to power street lights throughout evening. Utilizing a combination of wind & solar sources the system will provides a secure as well as constant circulation of power to power the street lights.

The continuously moving turbine with solar panels will last as much as twenty years (Not consisting of the batteries) the LED lights and also other components within will certainly withstand for as long as the wind turbine and also Solar panel together with hybrid street lights are ensured for.

A steady supply of electrical energy is created even when it is gloomy! The illumination begins immediately when the environment becomes dark through using a smart sensor system. The LED lights will activate and also off by an automated controller which will deliver an ordinary illumination time of 8-10 hours daily.

(1) Operation principle

(2) Function introduction of solar wind hybrid street light system

Using the ARM32 MCU as the main control chip, the whole system can achieve the perfect combination of PV generation module, wind turbine module, BESS, and LED lighting module, also can be controlled by smartphone APP remotely, to provide a better user experience.
Structure and composition

1.Wind turbine 2.Battery storeroom 3.Solar panel 4.Controller 5.Bluetooth module 6.PIR sensor 7.Pathway indicator 8.LED lighting 9.panel 10.Bracket 11.Window plate 12.Back bafflfle 13.Screws 14.Connecting socket 15.Frame 16.Switch